Friday, April 30, 2010

Character Traits

Words I would use to describe myself would be...
stubborn: most of the time I got my way-when people told me to do something that I didn't want to do I didn't do it. I did this mostly in my childhood.
Positive: I don't think much about the negative side of things in life plus, why think negative? You can always find something positive.
Loving: I remember the time I got mad at my little sister because she was eating a letter I had written, so I grabbed the letter out of her mouth; I felt really bad because she was crying, so I made her a different paper that she could eat. I can't stand when people are upset.
Blind& deaf: I got really sick when I was just two years old, and became blind and deaf.
Those are only some of many words I would describe myself as.


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  2. Thank you for the character traits they helped me complete a project on Helen Keller